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Technician Services

LVS is now pleased to offer a fresh cow and a pre-weaned calf herd health program. Our registered animal health technologist will come to your farm weekly (Fresh-Start and Calf-Start Full Program) or monthly (Calf-Start Monthly Program), and digital dermatitis scoring to perform the following services:

Fresh Start Program
  • Temperature Checks
  • Metricheck Scoring
  • Ketone Testing
  • Record keeping of all findings into your herd management software
  • Treatment sheets for individual animals based on findings and a specific treatment protocol created by your herd veterinarian
Calf-Start Program
  • Blood Collection from calves 2-7 days of age for total protein measurement
  • Weight Tape Measurement at Week 1 and at Week 8
  • Dehorning, including local anesthesia and pain medication
  • Periodic cleanliness checks using a Luminometer
  • Periodic culturing of pre and post pasturized milk fed to calves (if applicable)
  • Routine calf health meetings with your herd veterinarian
  • Yearly benchmarking reports, comparing your calves anonymously against other calf groups on the Calf-Start Program
Digital Dermatitis Scoring
  • Visual inspection and scoring of DD lesions
  • Reporting on the prevalence and severity of lesions found