Technician Services

LVS is now pleased to offer a fresh cow and a pre-weaned calf herd health program. Our registered animal health technologist will come to your farm weekly (Fresh-Start and Calf-Start Full Program) or monthly (Calf-Start Monthly Program), to perform the following services:

1. Fresh-Start Program

  1. Temperature Checks
  2. Metricheck Scoring
  3. Ketone Testing
  4. Record keeping of all findings into your herd management software
  5. Treatment sheets for individual animals based on findings and a specific treatment protocol created by your herd veterinarian

2. Calf-Start Program

  1. Blood Collection from calves 2-7 days of age for total protein measurement
  2. Weight Tape Measurement at Week 1 and at Week 8
  3. Dehorning, including local anesthesia and pain medication
  4. Periodic cleanliness checks using a Luminometer
  5. Periodic culturing of pre and post pasturized milk fed to calves (if applicable)
  6. Routine calf health meetings with your herd veterinarian
  7. Yearly benchmarking reports, comparing your calves anonymously against other calf groups on the Calf-Start Program