Livestock Veterinary Services is so proud of our expanded laboratory services.  Starting with a milk quality lab, we purchased BioCheck and we are now able to offer a growing range of services to our clients.

Water Testing

  • Minerals Only
  • E. Coli & Coliforms Only
  • Minerals, Coli & Coliforms

BioPRYN Pregnancy Testing (ELISA)

Bovine Leukosis Testing (ELISA)

Johne’s Testing (ELISA)


BVD Testing

Fecal Testing

  • Fecal Float
  • Scour Panel (Rotovirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium and coli)

Individual Cow Blood Testing

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus

Milk Quality Testing

  • Major Pathogen Isolation
  • Coliform Speciation
  • Staph aureus specific testing (clinical cases or pooled samples)
  • We are also able to refer individual or pooled samples for PCR testing to a secondary laboratory for Mycoplasma bovis testing, if suspected on farm.

Please contact us at 403-732-5322 or at: for more information and pricing.